Tom Patterson

    A global thought leader for corporate trust, Tom is a dynamic silicon valley based security executive with Government, corporate, global, and big-four executive experience, leveraging his immersion in all facets of security to improve businesses around the world. Having served as a CSO (MCC), big-four partner (Deloitte), chief eCommerce strategist (IBM), and a founder of a tech startup backed by the Carlyle Group, Tom thrives on delivering the real security benefits that build trust and grow businesses.

    Tom has built and run CSC’s Global Cybersecurity Consulting business, defending many of the worlds largest and most important enterprises by leading both the advanced technical teams necessary to stop threats, and the strategic board/executive advisory services necessary to prevent them. In addition to this founding GM role, he has served on three public boards, provided governance to several early stage companies, and written a book on global security (Mapping Security – Addison/Wesley) that Wired Magazine’s editor said “speaks directly to businesspeople around the globe” and Google’s VP and Chief Internet Evangelist called “compelling and practical.”

    As a global thought leader that is accepted in C-suites and board rooms around the world, Tom has lectured on security at both the Wharton School and Cal Poly, frequently keynotes at corporate (SIFMA, HIMMS, Sapphire) and government events (DoJ, NICX, DoD, FBI, IC) and is a regular guest security analyst for media including CNN, CNBC, FOX, NYTimes, Washington Post, IDC, and Huffington Post. He has helped secure projects as diverse as the launches of a space shuttle (STS-37) and aircraft carrier (CVN73), protected oil rigs, banks and hospitals from terrorists, organized criminals, and foreign intelligence services, as well as protected high profile programs at the U.N. & United Way.

    The common thread to Tom’s diverse security career is building and projecting the trust that is necessary to compete. With his Top Secret clearances, Tom also works pro bono with Congress, Federal law enforcement, and the intelligence and counter-intelligence communities, and has contributed to Presidential Executive Orders. You can follow Tom on or his blog at , or reach him privately at

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