Simon Treselyan

    From being one of the youngest Karate black belts in Britain to adopting an authentic Warrior lifestyle, Simon Treselyan understand the recipes for sustained and effective success in life. While serving as a British special forces Counter Terroist Commander, Interrogator and Intelligence Operations for 19 years, Treselyan was repeatedly decorated for gallantry. His strategies for victory were forged in the fires of adversity, where coming second best meant somthing direr than merely losing a market share or sale. “When victory is the only acceptable option, you get good at what you do,” he quips.

    Simon has led some of the most remarkable people in the most extreme of circumstances to attain extraordinary results. Americal Express, BMW, and Barelay’s are amoung the hundreds of companies that have retained him from his highly sought coporate trainings. While othe so-called coporate trainers regurgitate what was learned in classrooms, webinars and textbooks, Treselyan’s trademark XLR8 trainings distills his life experience as a real life 007. His professional career as one if Her Majesty’s most trusted interrogators and undercover agents, in additional to his work as one of the world’s high achieveing MLP experts, makres him a true master of communication, influences and negotiation.

    As Internationally acclaimed bstselling author, Simon has appreared regularly with appearances in press, radio and television worldwide. His media expose of the fake Iraq torture photos in 2004 placed him as the go-to-expert at the center of an international scandale. He appeared on the front page of every British newpaper as the ensuing outrage drew in Parliament, eventually resulting in the dismissal of Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan. Sky TV names the fake Iraq torture photo incident among the top 50 scandals of all time.

    In addition to his corporate training and conferences, Treselyan offers Personal Mastery journeys throughout the world, harnessing his unerring knowledge of inspirational sites like Machu Picchu and the Great Pyramids to elicit and champion the personal Warrior nature of attendees. His commitment to social justice guides his every move, as his charity Grey Guardians provide funding and structure for former military and law enforcement teams to combat the scourge of child sex trafficking and the wolrdwide abuse of the powerless. “By allowing victims to become Victors, we all win,” he asserts.

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