Robert Redenbach

    After a successful international career in VIP Protection, Rob Redenbach transferred the strategies of personal security and tactical communication to the business arena. Drawing from experiences that include working with the bodyguard team of Nelson Mandela in South Africa and providing risk management services in the Middle East, Rob provides compelling insights into leadership, adaptability and how to reduce conflict and improve cooperation.

    Intrigued by the ancient philosopher Sun Tzu, who observed ‘the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting’, Robert Redenbach joined the regular army when he was 17. That was back in 1981.

    At 23, after a parachuting injury, Robert left the military and undertook a martial-arts odyssey through Korea, Japan and China.

    By age 30 Robert was living in the new democracy of post-apartheid South Africa teaching my own system of self defence to the bodyguard team of Nelson Mandela. At its core his system was a physical method of exploring non-physical attributes – such adaptability, resilience and the pursuit of excellence – and I would go on to teach it to the American FBI and the British SAS.

    After providing close protection to aid-workers in the Middle East, Robert made the transition to leadership development. His views have since attracted the attention of Business Review Weekly, Financial Review, Sunrise, Today, ABC’s Midday Report and Sky News Business.

    In addition to ongoing personal study, Robert’s academic studies include a Master of Arts from Charles Sturt University, Mediation at Bond University’s Dispute Resolution Centre, and Executive Education at Harvard in the United States.

    What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard describes the process of building a niche business from scratch. If you’ve ever been told you couldn’t do something, but decided to do it anyway, you’ll enjoy this story.

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