Per Sjofors

    From a background as an electronics engineer, Per established Ercolab AG in Switzerland to promote and distribute US manufactured professional electronics over the European market via national resellers. In four years, he built the company to $6m in revenues and was headhunted to the lead the European headquarter for Japanese FOR-A Ltd from London, a company also manufacturing and marketing professional electronics. Here he quadrupled revenues to $36m during a four year period, and he won an industry award for “Most Innovative Advertising Campaign”.

    Per then took the jump over the pond, and joined publicly traded data storage company Micropolis Corp in the Los Angeles area, where he headed a newly formed value-add division. Over three years, he built it to a $72m business. After Micropolis, Per joined a startup company and CMU incubated Islip Media out of Pittsburgh, where he set up joint venture companies in Japan, Korea and Taiwan as well as establish a European HQ for the company. These overseas activities generated more than 80% of the company’s entire revenue stream.

    Per then did business development and marketing consulting for a number of US companies until he was recruited to establish and run the US subsidiary of Germany’s Blue Order, a company developing and marketing enterprise class software. At Blue Order Inc, he also cofounded industry association GSAM and brought that up to leadership within the market it served. After Blue Order Inc, Per founded Atenga Inc. Per’s long-term interest in pricing as a key business driver lead to the founding of Atenga.

    Initially its activities where to support the establishment of US based subsidiaries from European, Japanese and Korean companies. Over a two year period, more than half al dozen such subsidiaries where established and a number of smaller market development project where conducted. In 2006, Per decided to take is substantial expertise in building business a step further, and focus Atenga onto becoming the market and though leader into setting prices “right”. In doing so, he developed the process, far removed from the abstractions of academia, of how companies of all sizes and industries can price “right” because when companies does, typically both sales and profit increases as do shareholder value. Per now also heads up Stratinis Inc, a joint venture between Atenga Inc and UK based Stratinis Ltd and he is in the middle of writing the definite book on pricing products and services better. Per often speaks at conferences and he has been published in the WSJ, Forbes, NY Times, Inc Magazine, Fortune, Finacial times and many smaller media outlets.

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