Patrick Rettig

    For over 25 years Patrick Rettig has successfully saved companies from bankruptcy. He is passionate about helping the American entrepreneur – the companies $20 million and under, which are the backbone of this country. Rettig appears regularly on TV and radio shows including Fox Business’ Varney & Company.

    Rettig says it’s all about the CEO. He enters the company and goes directly to the CEO. He knows that if the CEO can get back on track, then the rest of the company will get back on track as well.

    The first step is to find the origin of failure. This might take awhile and often isn’t visible until the end. In order to do this Rettig takes the CEO out of the office and talks to him about his dreams and goals. When the inspiration is back, the rest becomes easier. Another key lesson Rettig teaches is dimensional jumping. It is important to focus on the now and not on the future. Taking care of current problems not only builds a secure foundation but also a strong future.

    Rettig’s instincts are hyper-keen. His approach is direct, honest and pragmatic. He has a talent for identifying operational problems, structuring, implementing solutions and restructuring staff. As such, he ensures maximum productivity and efficient financial management. His experience includes companies of all ages: start-ups, turnarounds and restructured environments.

    Patrick Rettig serves as an independent CRO for business ventures of all sizes. In this position he acts as the strategic planner for the organization and an absolute ally to the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Specifically, he specializes in emergency situations and reorganization. In the past he has helped all types of corporations, CEO’s and their administration staff. He teaches the CEO and the administration how to manage all aspects of the corporation while navigating and negotiating extreme financial challenges.

    Although this resume is hampered by non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with clients, for the purpose of this court and clarification of his duty, provisions have been made to describe similar corporate situations, drawn from the last 24 months.   These listed items are currently in motion and under Mr. Rettig’s responsibility.  During the past 15 years, Mr. Rettig has represented many companies in financial distress or simply seeking to grow including companies that have traveled successfully through chapter 11 re-organization.

    Selected Relevant Experience California Based Company #1

    A sales and operating losses exceeded projected income. Mr. Rettig restructured the operation, cutting production costs by 30%, adjusting the customer base to a more profitable set of companies. Through these measures, which included management training and debt restructuring, even in this difficult economic time, Company #1 has emerged from bankruptcy and continues to operate smoothly.

    California Based Company #2

    This company is a national manufacturer and installer of bus shelters and electrical signage. With sales in excess of $7M, losses occurred for multiple years prior to Mr. Rettig’s employment. As the CRO for two years, Mr. Rettig has taken the company from bankruptcy to profitability. This turnaround was achieved through closing a second manufacturing site located in Mexico, and restructuring direct and indirect labor forces in California. Through this effort, the planned reduction in sales has resulted in increased income, according to projection. Mr. Rettig holds weekly staff meetings with Accounting personnel, as well as the CEO, to regularly teach leadership, cash flow, and fiduciary responsibility. This concept has resulted in converting a $400,000 annual loss to $700,000 in net income.

    California Based Company #3

    A national provider of comprehensive marketing campaigns, producing over $5M in annual sales resulted in losses in prior years. Mr. Rettig was hired and carefully shepherded this company through Chapter 11 bankruptcy while reducing costs and increasing profitability. This company has maintained Mr. Rettig’s employment for many years. He performs high-level supervision of finance and operations, and meets weekly with the CEO. His influence has converted annual losses to operating income and he continues to promote responsible stewardship and direction to the executives. Contact Patrick Rettig Cell: 760.662.9668

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