Oren Klaff

    For the past 15 years, Mr. Oren Klaff has distinguished himself as a successful entrepreneur, investor, and author. Mr. Klaff has successfully pitched numerous projects across multiple markets, raising over $400 million from investment banks, venture capital groups, and high net worth individuals. As a specialist in financial modeling, his efforts encompass over 10,000 hours of crafting effective presentations that deliver results.

    As Director of Capital Markets for Intersection Capital, Mr. Klaff is responsible for managing the investment bank’s capital raising platform. These duties include both direct capital raising and deal syndication. Mr. Kraff oversees business and product development, including the firm’s flagship product, Velocity™. As a proprietary capital markets product, Velocity contributed to the raising of $100 million in private equity and venture capital. Overall, Intersection Capital manages over $250 million in assets using Mr. Klaff’s pioneering approaches. Since 2006, he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars institutions such as Bear Stearns, Citigroup, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Two of these deals are included in an MBA curriculum case study at UCLA.

    Prior to his role with Intersection Capital, Mr. Klaff was a principal of Geyser Holdings, where he continues to serve on the investment committee. During his tenure, Mr. Klaff was responsible for marketing, product development, and business development. He has also served at various times as both a venture analyst and partner with a number of mid-sized investment funds.

    Mr. Klaff studied engineering at the University of Delaware and at Florida State. While in Florida, he started a software applications company that, in just three years, grew to $700,000 in monthly revenue.

    Mr. Klaff subsequently moved to San Diego to start MachineTradeHub, a B2B service in trading machine tools. In 1998, he pitched the project to Enterprise Partners, a multi-billion dollar Venture Capital firm. Enterprise Partners funded the proposal for $6 million – at a $14 million pre-financing valuation. This was the inception of Equipp.com. Mr. Klaff enriches Thinkubator through a profusion of capital raising experience, market knowledge, industry contacts, insight, and inspiration.

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