Nate Holzapfel

    Nate Holzapfel is the creative force and co-founder behind Mission Belt Co., headquartered in Utah. Born in Provo, Nate spent his childhood growing up in both Orange County, California and rural Woodland, Utah. He prides himself on never having passed an opportunity to fuel his passions for entrepreneurship and fighting world hunger. As of March 2015, Mission Belt Co. has helped over 16,000 families in the fight against hunger worldwide.

    Similarly to innovators such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg and even Elizabeth Holmes, Nate dropped out of college to pursue his career in sales. Having sold everything from cars, to insurance in Mexico and even distressed real estate over the telephone, Nate Holzapfel has become a marketing expert. He states, “ I’ve always been good at my job and was always a top performer, but I felt trapped. I sold everything I owned and put all of my efforts into the best idea I had. The rest is history.”

    In June of 2012, he launched Mission Belt Co. Accessories have always held a huge presence in the fashion industry, however, no single company had focused solely on branding belts. Fashion houses had designed and created belts as an afterthought. Nate had a vision to create a company that made only belts, the first of its kind in the fashion industry to ever truly brand a belt. Oakley succeeded with sunglasses, Skullcandy with headphones and Nike with shoes. Mission Belt Co. has succeeded with belts.

    In the Spring of 2013, Nate appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, pitching the Sharks in seeking a capital investment. He struck a deal with fashion mogul and branding expert, Daymond John. Nate pitched to the sharks that the “old way of selling is dead.” His ideology and method proved not only correct, but to be a huge success.

    Find out how Nate Holzapfel not only survived in a struggling economy, but thrived in it. His audience will learn to create their own economies and expand on their current foundation with The Nate State of Mind utilizing Nate’s expertise. Nate travels the country as a keynote speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. Corporations, organizations and individuals nationwide have hired him to assist their businesses grow exponentially. Nate teaches them that the foundation of success lies in building relationships and the attitudes we adopt. Instead of using cliches and one-liners, Nate speaks directly to your team from his heart with meaningful, real life experiences sharing information that is relevant to growing your business in today’s world.

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