Morgan Carson

    Morgan Carson is a visual artist that focuses on creating an immersive world. The purpose is to heal, inform and transform thought processes within the audience and create community.  Love of color and thematic storytelling through visual experience using all kinds of mediums focused on events and brand alignment.

    Carson has a proven track record in crowdfunding space as campaign strategist, responsible for projects such as Adam Carolla’s seven figure “Road Hard” campaign (3rd highest crowdfunded film in history) She has over 5 years experience in community development, brand partnerships and innovative and artistic grassroots product launches.

    Morgan Carson has worked with over 100 brands and businesses including as Yelp, Google, Neuro Drinks, Pop Chips, DList, Goldstein Company, Mona Foundation, Bandpage and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

    Carson is the Director of Community Development at TribeRise, where she works creating and implementing growth strategies for brand communities specific to crowdfunding.  She utilizes brand and story telling combined with social strategy to hit peak milestones. Her main objective as an artist is to create a commercial movement in the social sphere to raise future capital needs for NGO’s, socially conscious companies and public figures.

    Morgan Carson is founder and CEO of ArtPharm, a digital arts agency committed to growing artists and curing social boredom. Regarded as a leader in crowdsourcing, Morgan spearheaded social campaigns for Adam Carolla, Gary W. Goldstein and others, as well as consulted to a wide array of campaigns, e.g. the anti-GMO movement campaign for Jeffrey Smith. Before moving to Venice, California, Morgan founded Seattle-based Rene Ropas, a high end women’s label renowned for theatrical avant garde fashion shows.

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