Matt Pohlson & Ryan Cummins

    Matt Pohlson (left) and Ryan Cummins (right) are best friends from college who’ve spent their careers writing and producing documentaries and other types of cause content. They’ve always been united by a passion for using the power of story to inspire social change and have been lucky to work with incredible people and organizations along the way. They look forward to helping support these world-changers on the ground, making an impact through Omaze. They also think it’s really awkward to write their own bio in the third person. Especially when they are trying to make themselves sound serious.

    How Omaze Came to Be
    A little while back, we went to a benefit that Magic Johnson hosted for the Boys & Girls Club of America, where he auctioned off the chance to sit with him courtside at a Lakers game and join him for dinner after. We could barely contain ourselves. We are die hard Laker fans and Magic was our childhood hero. Hanging with him for a night would literally be a dream come true.

    But this dream was not to be. As a couple of broke grad students, we could only watch helplessly as the bids escalated until the experience ultimately cleared for $15,000.

    Driving home we couldn’t let it go. Why should life’s most amazing experiences only be available to a select few? And worse, how could a prize which, in our minds, was priceless only raise $15,000 for the Boys & Girls Club?

    And that’s when a simple idea hit us. What if we made these same types of opportunities available online, and for a $10 donation everyone could have a chance at winning? We could help generate significantly more money and awareness for deserving causes, and all people could share the chance to live out dream experiences.

    And that’s how Omaze was born.

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