Mark Verge

    Mark Verge is the Founder and Owner of Westside Rentals. Westside is the largest apartment and home finding service in LA and Orange County. Since 1996, millions of guests and hundreds of thousands of paying members have used the service to research places to live. For tenants, WSR is the ultimate research tool and service for finding a place to live. With 15,000+ listings and more than 10,000+ photos the service saves its members time, money, effort, and gas! Users can access the database online as well as from any of WSR’s six retail locations where they can also receive a free personal consultation.

    Landlords swear by the Westside service as it provides them with free advertising targeting qualified, credit worthy (90%+ of our members have credit cards) applicants that are serious about moving. In addition, Westside’s Tenant Screening Department offers credit reports (free-if a member), eviction reports and criminal and sex offender background checks.

    Mark has successfully transitioned the company from a predominantly retail storefront business model to a hybrid clicks ‘n mortar model. His ability to anticipate the changing marketplace, adopt new technologies at the right time, and manage a large diverse workforce play an important role in his success. New and exciting product extensions, operational methodologies, and initiatives to strengthen the company culture are underway and showing promise.

    Through his intense involvement in the day-to-day movements of the rental market, Mark has cultivated a unique and valuable perspective on real estate trends and opportunities. His advice is widely sought after by landlords, property managers, appraisers, investors and other industry participants. Mark’s savvy business acumen has led him to leverage the Westside Rentals platform to successfully own and operate three short-term hotels (Santa Monica, Venice Beach & Hollywood), several apartment buildings, and, most recently, establish the Westside Rentals Property Management division.

    A graduate of St. Monica’s High School, UCLA and a father of two, Mark and his wife of ten years, Lani, are very active in the local community. In addition to being a first-time employer for hundreds of local students new to the workforce, Mark and Lani donate generously on a regular basis to the Santa Monica High School, St. Monica’s High School, and the Santa Monica YMCA. He is also a founding member and a hall of fame inductee to the Venice Historical Society.

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