Kevin Kumala

    Personally speaking, I believe the ultimate question a human being needs to be able to answer is “why on Earth are we here for?” The reason for our existence in this face of the Earth is the fundamental element that serves as a trigger that would allow us to live our days with a sense of an underlying purpose. Early in my adolescent years, I found out that my reason of existence in this world inevitably had to do with Entrepreneurship – being able to create something and making that particular creation a reality for a greater cause. All Entrepreneurs, I believe, have their own calling; and each one of them has to struggle through their entrepreneurial journeys in order to find out their own true calling. As an Entrepreneur, I have failed much more than I have succeeded; however only through these peaks and valleys I have genuinely learned that failure is the mother of success. Having failed so many times throughout my entrepreneurial journey enables me to make bold decision as I personally believe that failure is no longer the opposite of success, but rather it is part of success.

    Ideas could come from anywhere. Having the avidness in the adrenaline-seeking sports of diving and surfing, plastic pollution became the common obstruction in carrying out my leisure activity repertoires. Blessed with a background in Biological Sciences through my studies, I decided to take this frustration on hand in trying to seek an answer on how to provide a solution. I truly believe that frustration is indeed the mother of invention.

    The year was 2013, when I decided to retro-engineer what was out there in order to replace the commonly used petroleum-based plastic products which would not decompose, on average, for more than 100 years. Backed with more than two years of research alongside my team, we were able to formulate a bio-plastic polymer that is commercially feasible to use and also at the same time possesses the feature of 100% biodegradable and compostable.This phenomenon serves as a launching pad in which gave us the momentum to even further our research to other renewable waste materials which could replace the use of plastic. Within just one year time, our team had successfully came up with more than handful of solutions derived from renewable resources including utilizing the waste of sugar cane fiber as takeaway boxes to replace Styrofoam, corn starch to replace the commonly used plastic straws and other novelty items with a common underlying attribute of being 100% compostable.

    I personally believe that I have only scratched the tip of the iceberg. The calling to make this Earth a cleaner and greener place for our future generation serves as the fuel that propels me to push the envelope further each and every day in order to create value and social impact for future generation. The youth can only be 25% of the world population today, but undeniably speaking they are 100% of our future.

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