Jeff Jampol

    Jeffrey Jampol, president of Jampol Artist Management, Inc. can wipe the floor with most opponents in pop music trivia; and he has a worldly-wise, insiders’ familiarity of the complexities of music catalogs, music and book publishing, theatre, merchandising, branding, marketing, film & TV licensing, and name and likeness issues. Jampol manages the Doors, and oversees the estates of Jim Morrison, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Peter Tosh, and Rick James. He also serves as a consultant to the Estate of Michael Jackson.

    Jampol’s Los Angeles-based firm strives to develop, preserve, extend and enhance artists’ legacies—or if you will, their brand—by deftly, and aggressively utilizing new distribution channels, new technologies, and other emerging resources. As well, the company aggressively pursues film, TV game placements, theatrical, and merchandising initiatives.

    Last year, along with co-producers Dick Wolf, Peter Jankowski and John Beug, Jampol received a Grammy Award for the acclaimed Doors’ theatrical documentary film, “When You’re Strange” which won for Best Long Form Video. He also produced the Janis Joplin musical, “One Night With Janis Joplin,” which premiers August 1st in Cleveland, Ohio.

    His father, architect/realtor Richard Jampol—who passed away two years ago—left a profound mark on the landscape of Los Angeles County. His early experience included supervising the construction of the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital Maternity Wing, the County Health Building, and the Bishop Stevens Wing of Good Samaritan Hospital. Then, as a partner in Buckeye Construction, Richard Jampol was responsible for the construction, and leasing of 18 buildings in Beverly Hills, two buildings on Van Nuys Boulevard, five buildings on Sunset Boulevard, two medical buildings in Inglewood, and the City National Bank Building across from Pershing Square.

    Jeffrey’s music career began while at Hutchins School of Liberal Studies at Sonoma State University outside San Francisco. There, he worked as DJ and public affairs director at the school’s campus radio station. He began managing, and producing several notable bands in San Francisco’s emerging punk and new wave scene; and also began working at various low-level posts in the local branch offices of CBS Records, and Atlantic Records.

    As a rising artist manager in the ‘90s, Jampol handled Tal Bachman, Dimestore Hoods, Charlotte Martin, and Dropline, while his production company, Polymedia signed Don and David Was as producers.

    Jampol has piloted the Doors’ career since 2003 with longtime Doors’ associate Danny Sugerman until his untimely death in 2005. Jampol continues to manage the Doors, and their various entities, including Doors Music LLC, and Doors Properties, LLC, worldwide.

    He has unquestionably revitalized the Doors’ iconic brand by cultivating new fans; while maintaining, and deepening relationships with earlier fans. For 15 years, Jampol has taught a class at the University of California, Los Angeles entitled, “The Music Business NOW,” sponsored by The Recording Academy, and hosted by the Creative Artists Agency.

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