Jason Xu

    Gamer, banker, bio-chemist, and startup addict. Despite his eclectic background, Jason’s passion for gaming led him to create Battlefy, one of the fastest growing startups in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Battlefy continues to be one of the leading companies in eSports – a collective term used to describe electronic sports, with players competing individually or as teams against each other in videogames. Battlefly was built by organizers to help you run an eSporting event with ease. Whether you are a college club, a national eSports organization, or a brand supporting gamers, creating and managing a tournament or league has never been easier and more professional.

    Xu has been a driving force behind the meteoric rise of eSports, which has been something people were originally slow to pick up on, at least outside of the hardcore circles. But now, a large part in lue of Mr. Xu’s efforts, eSports athletes are selling out stadiums and arenas world wide and are now play and watched by millions of participants world wide.

    Vast, ostentatious tournaments are held for the likes of League Of Legends or DOTA 2, with hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars on offer for winners. Games like those from the Call Of Duty franchise were made with eSports functionality in mind, with those creating the game itself doing so with tournaments and competitive play at the forefront of their ambitions.

    Mr. Xu graduated from Simon Fraser University with a BA in Finance and a BA in Biochemistry.

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