Freddie Wong

    Freddie Wong has placed himself as one of the pioneers in online video, bringing professional premium content to the YouTube platform with his channel, RocketJump. Named as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars on Forbes magazine’s 2015 “30 under 30” list, his uniquely crafted, mind bending viral videos have spread across the global web making Freddie the #1 most subscribed video director on YouTube with over 1 billion views since the channel’s inception in

    April 2010. Video Game High School, his flagship web series, gained over 50 million cumulative views over 12, 15-minute episodes in 2012. Video Game High School – Season 2 retuned the YouTube viewership trend by receiving over a 90% completion rate on 6 episodes of 30-minutecontent, and was named “#1 Web series of 2013” by Variety. Video Game High School –Season 3 was heralded as a must-see People pick in 2014, and was nominated for a 2015 Producers Guild Award for Outstanding Digital Series. Recently partnered with Lionsgate, RocketJump and Freddie Wong promise a long future of groundbreaking content to come.

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