Brad Hams

    Brad Hams is the founder and CEO of Ownership Thinking. Hams is on a mission to eradicate entitlement; his company has helped hundreds of companies to diminish or defeat the entitlement mentality that is so pervasive and so devastating in our country and to replace it with cultures of earning – empowering employees to think and act like owners. Hams believes that human beings do not gain self esteem through unearned compensation, empty praise or false security, but rather through achievement. His company provides employees and organizations with the tools and training they need to realize their potential, and to create wealth where wealth might never have been created.

    Brad, with the help of his extraordinary team, developed the Ownership Thinking model in the early ’90s, during which time he was the president of Mrs. Fields Cookies in Mexico. Prior to this, he held executive positions in the area of finance and operations in a fortune 100 company. Brad is a lifelong student of business and finance, holds a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Human Resources, and has taught business at the graduate level.

    Brad Hams is a board member of the National Center for Employee Ownership, the country’s leading resource on information and research related to broad based equity programs. In addition to his consulting work, Brad spreads his mission and message by speaking to roughly 70 audiences a year, and is one of the most sought after speakers for Vistage, the world’s largest membership organization of CEOs.

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