Aaron Ray

    Mr. Aaron Ray serves as Partner of Collective Digital Studio, LLC. Prior to joining The Collective, Mr. Ray was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nine Yards Entertainment. Mr. Ray has worked at the highest levels in many different sectors of the entertainment industry. His experience includes the representation of film, television and music talent, Executive Producing, multi-media licensing, international media development, financing and sales, Producing, creation and exploitation of film franchises and intellectual property management.

    Mr. Ray has successfully implemented all of his experience and knowledge into the digital space and is also leading The Collective‘s New Media efforts. Per The Collective’s vision, Mr. Ray is also involved in strategies and platforms that leverage clients’ creative influence while maintaining ownership of their own content. Understanding and identifying the relationship between the consumer and the artist is a key to this success. In addition to traditional client management, Mr. Ray oversees some of the largest and most powerful digital assets in the world including those of clients Linkin Park, Enrique Iglesias, Avenged Sevenfold, Eddie Izzard, Slash, Big Boi, Plain White T’s and Staind. Not limited to existing communities or technologies, he is constantly developing new agendas in other areas of media consumption.

    Mr. Ray continues his leadership and supervision as Chief Operating Officer of the world’s largest Horror destination, www.BloodyDisgusting.com – which was purchased as part of an ongoing acquisition strategy and is growing rapidly. Mr. Ray oversaw the launch of several “Number Ones” this year from best selling iPhone apps, singles, albums, tours, community management and aggregation systems on Facebook, YouTube and MySpace, international sales, branding deals and TV shows. Packaging together creative elements and structuring complex financial deals are among Mr. Ray’s many strengths, as evidenced by the deal to re-launch the world’s largest story library, Time Inc. Studios.

    Mr. Ray has Produced movies with Academy Award winning talent such as Harvey Keitel and Michael Douglas. Some of the other projects Mr. Ray is involved with include the feature adaptation of Breaking The Bank (Producer), based off the popular article from Sports Illustrated Magazine. Mr. Ray is also Producing the Broadway Musical version of the classic Bret Easton Ellis novel (and film) American Psycho, slated for 2012. In addition, Mr. Ray served as the Chief Strategy Officer for RKO Pictures. Before launching Nine Yards Entertainment in 2001, Mr. Ray served as Senior Vice President at The Firm. While at The Firm, Mr. Ray managed clients ranging from multi platinum music clients, film, television and sports stars, while packaging and producing several projects including top-grossing franchise hits such as Big Momma’s House and Next Friday. Additionally, Mr. Ray played a fundamental role with Michael Green in the identification, purchasing, repositioning and sale of the Pony apparel brand. Before joining The Firm, Mr. Ray served as Director of Development for Lynda Obst Productions, at FOX Studios. Mr. Ray started his career at Gallin-Morey Associates.

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