METal is an exclusive gathering of and for dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers in the media, entertainment and technology space.

Our events range from talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaboration in our community.

General Membership Benefits:

  • Access to the PRIVATE METal Members Only Site
  • Access to the PRIVATE METal INDUSTRY email list
  • Access to the Video Archive of our Speaker Talks
  • Discounted access to attend all METal events
  • Discounted access to attend METal Activities

METal Membership:

METal Membership occurs yearly, and Terms and Conditions are updated regularly.

It is required for all past members and new members to read, understand, and agree to these new conditions.

We ask that each member and guest practice and act with integrity, ethical standards and uphold the reputation of METal International and the community, including our culture of encouraging the sharing of ideas and perspectives.

Our Code of Conduct is a high standard of ethical behavior we require among our members and guests. METal requires that all past members, new members, and perspective members review and refer the the METal Code of Conduct.

METal is accepting prospective membership requests by people who have been invited by current METal members and have filled out the mandatory Guest Request Form.

We will be processing new prospective member requests in the order they are received.

If you are attending a METal event for the first time please fill out the Guest Request Form to initiate the membership review process.

Prospective members who have completed the trial program will be asked to fill out the Membership Request Form. The Prospective members will be notified as the request is approved by the METal Membership Quality Board.

During the trial period, a prospective member may continue attending the METal Saturday Events as a guest until further notice.

If you have completed the trial program please fill out the Membership Request Form.

For more information please review our FAQ on Becoming a Member.

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